Monday, February 11, 2008

Today already sucks. I've been fighting to get rid of this nasty cough/sneeze/headache/sinusy thing for about a day and a half and it's not working. I may go home early today but we'll see. I just have to remember to 1) stay in my office 2) do not touch any door knobs 3) keep my tissues in my trash can.

You know what - I really dislike people who think that they can succeed in business without doing any of the work. It's even worse when they think they can brag about how they're way of getting there is smarter than the average business person. I wish more people could be humble sometimes. Life would be less annoying.


Unknown said...

Hey Jackie,

I heart the Elwood! Awesome photo.

Jack said...

Hi Rebecca!

Thanks! I made it myself!