Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I will probably have four, maybe five cups of coffee before the morning is up. I couldn't fall asleep last night - I think I got a total of 5 1/2 hours before dragging myself out of bed. Based on the normal 8+ hours I usually get per night, over the last three days I figure I've lost a cumulative total of about 6 and a half hours of sleep. That's terrible!

You know what else is terrible?! Nothing! Isn't that fabulous?! I'm happy about it. I haven't had any bad luck in a couple of days and it feels great. Life owed me one after the last couple weeks.

We went to Chicago last weekend and it was super fun. We got to stay with S&L at their spectacular townhouse apartment. I love the character & charm of the exposed brick & open ceilings - especially on the older, pre-war buildings. I'm not a fan of the lack of storage space but I would make myself into a minimalist reallllllly quickly if I ever took the plunge into that market. I wish downtown Detroit was like that. That would be AWESOME.

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