Thursday, April 24, 2008

OMG this guy comes in yesterday and says to me, "I don't think I should work today, it's going to rain." I clicked over to Intellicast and as I look over the radar, I see nothing but two small green blobs flying across the state. 30% chance it says. 30%. So I tell him, "I don't see why you couldn't try it - but that's just my opinion." I could tell right away he didn't like that answer. You can normally tell with most of these guys in less than a second, mainly because they walk quickly (run) into my dad's office and smother him with reasons why they shouldn't work that day. That man had one foot in the hallway before I even finished my sentence.

My dad comes running in like he's about to rescue KC from a burning building. "I didn't know he was supposed to do that today!" pops tells me. I look over at a copy of the schedule that's been sitting in my office for weeks. I've been to countless progress meetings talking about this with the GC. I'm remembering the conversation I had with KC about Wed being the start date 4 days ago. Hell, my dad, KC, and I even talked about it on the way down to the site about a week and a half ago! "No dad, he was supposed to start today" I calmly said.

So KC doesn't seem to like how that conversation went either. He sprints up the stairs, gets the work order, and calls the site super to tell him that he wouldn't be there. He comes in and tells me what he did. "Yeah, alright, whatever" I tell him as I shake my hands in the air.

Two hours later, I get this phone call as I'm driving around downtown detroit. I see it's KC and I pick up.
"So I bet your glad I saved your ass huh?" says KC with that arrogant attitude he is so widely known for.
"What are talking about?" I shot back
"Well it's raining out here at blah street and blah street. It's a window wiper rain too. It's crazy."
I take a quick look around, "it ain't raining downtown sweetheart. I'm no more than two blocks away from the site and it ain't even dark."
"Well it's coming" he says.
"Sure it is KC. Listen, I don't care whether you want to work today, tomorrow, or next week. I'll tell you what though, there's a [enter large sum of money here] liquidated damage clause in our contract. If you'd like to pay it, I'll deliver the check to them myself, on my own time." At this point, I was incredibly irritated by the tone of the phone call.
"oh, well, you could print off something that says it rained today right??" KC quietly responds.
"just get down there tomorrow" I said.

I loathe people who do that. My mom asked me why I've been in such a bad mood for the last few days and this is the conversation I like to tell her about. This is it dude. I'm tired of being nice. I don't want to do it but from now on, nice Jackie is out of the building..........only at work though because I like being nice at home.

Monday, April 14, 2008

As I drove through downtown Ann Arbor last week, looking at potential projects, I found myself in the middle of what appeared to be a student neighborhood. At first, I looked around and got that "yea, I could blend in if I lived here" vibe -- but then I realized, I can't really blend in because these people are 4 or more years younger than I am.

4 or more! can you believe it! that's crazy talk!!!!!!! ...but it's true..........awe. I'm older than I thought. :-)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When AXL workers went on strike, we didn't think it would last longer than a week. Now some 8 weeks later, they're still walking up and down Holbrook. I pit stopped in the Ham last week for diesel while on my way to another jobsite and at 6:45 in the morning, people were yelling and screaming at each other about how AXL is trying to cut everybody down. This particular gas station has 10 pumps and is normally busy as hell so the noise basically drowned out the freeway commuter traffic......which is freakin crazy btw. People were like "F those stupid white big shots! They get bonuses and we get a cut in pay! F 'em!" I looked up for a second and then continued to fill my diesel cans.

I understand the feeling behind the pay cuts but honestly, this whole thing is just a dumb game. It's just a dumb stupid game. GM gets to clear their lots while the UAW sits at home, earning zilch. The UAW needs to step their game up man. They're taking everybody else down with them! Work it out people. Work it out.