Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When AXL workers went on strike, we didn't think it would last longer than a week. Now some 8 weeks later, they're still walking up and down Holbrook. I pit stopped in the Ham last week for diesel while on my way to another jobsite and at 6:45 in the morning, people were yelling and screaming at each other about how AXL is trying to cut everybody down. This particular gas station has 10 pumps and is normally busy as hell so the noise basically drowned out the freeway commuter traffic......which is freakin crazy btw. People were like "F those stupid white big shots! They get bonuses and we get a cut in pay! F 'em!" I looked up for a second and then continued to fill my diesel cans.

I understand the feeling behind the pay cuts but honestly, this whole thing is just a dumb game. It's just a dumb stupid game. GM gets to clear their lots while the UAW sits at home, earning zilch. The UAW needs to step their game up man. They're taking everybody else down with them! Work it out people. Work it out.

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