Sunday, June 22, 2008

I hate that while walking, sometimes I think that I'm stepping on good, solid ground .... but in reality, I've actually pressed a 3" rusty nail completely through the bottom of my shoe, through my sock, piercing, quite painfully, through the thin flesh that covers the bottom of my right foot.

I love that not only does my 'across the street' neighbor have a daughter that mows the lawn but that she looks genuinely happy to do it. Although maybe someone should let her know that flip flops are NOT appropriate footwear for cutting the grass. Safety 101. Learn it, know it, live it.

Check plus my friends. Check plus.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My new rule: whenever I feel like I need to say that I 'hate' something, I will compliment it with something that I love.

1. I hate emotional fights.
1A. I love oranges.

2. I hate feeling like people expect me to work late because I always end up working late.
2A. I love that cutting coupons, returning bottles, and getting "in-store" savings can add up to more than $20+ in overall savings on your grocery bill.

3. Sometimes I hate working for family because it stresses me more than anyone really should be stressed.
3A. I love that I'm excited to buy a new HE washer and dryer sometime this week (or next).

4. I hate feeling like my dog is bored.....all the time.
4A. I love my big straw hat with the bow on it. I bought it in Jamaica and it's made by real Jamaicans.

5. I hate that some people still use racial slurs.
5A. I love that sometimes people give you special privledges because they trust you.....a complete stranger.

....that's it for now.....but I'm already feeling more balanced. Thanks blog-

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's raining! you know what that means blogg? rain=day off from blue team. Yea, I call them blue team now because it's easier than saying that I got a day off from running a very complicated reroof at an automotive suppliers' plant. Easier? I thought so.

I opened up the office at 5:30 this morning and then discovered that we have no coffee. NO COFFEE?!? I immediately walked my behind back to the truck and drove to the all night Walgreens down the street. I wish I had the same convenience at home but I happen to be one of the 200,000+ people without 'across the street' neighbors have power....not too sure how that happened but those sons of bitches had A/C last night and milk in the fridge. sons of bitches.

Glad to say at least no one got hurt along my street. Here's a few photos --- look closely, the one dude's lawn is completely covered with huge branches. I even got one myself.

Maybe the power will be on tonight. I know they're saying wednesday but hopefully it'll be on sooner. A shower just isn't the same by candle light. :)