Friday, August 29, 2008

so I've got this problem.

about a year ago, my brother and I suggested hiring this guy we know for additional support in our estimating department. he's normally a level headed guy but he's got a hot temper and some very noticable insecurities. I usually ignore he's rants and raves about how good he is at something and how he told other people to do this or that and so on and so forth. so one day he finds out about an accident myself and two other riders had on the freeway two weeks ago and decides he's going to throw in his 2 cents.

the accident: I was riding down the freeway at 90+ mph with two peeps riding behind me. It's 10 at night and we're in the left lane, slowing slightly as we come up on the cars in front of us. at about 85 mph the car in front of me throws a shredded semi tire from the underneath his rear passenger side wheel. let me remind you blog, tires are black and it's dark at 10 at night. I assume the two cars in front both hit the thing so it's flipping - tread over tread over tread - and it's coming straight at me. Being that I'm about a car length and a half away from the car in front of me and traveling at 85 mph, I had three choices: 1. swerve towards the gravel shoulder and concrete divider, 2. swerve the other way into the next lane's traffic, or 3. run over it and hope that I hit it right. Well since 1 & 2 would've likely caused me to fall, I picked #3. The two riders behind me had no time to react either, so one hit the side of the tread with his foot and the other hit it head on and broke three pieces of plastic. Everyone was safe, everyone got over it, everything was alright.

the problem: this dude that I work with, decided it was a good idea to tell me that I'm responsible for the damage to my buddies bike cause I was riding in front. He then told me that if it were him, he would've been able to avoid it because he's a better rider than I am. He then proceeds to tell the other two that they don't know how to ride and putting a girl in front was a mistake. He tells me that he knows the other two are mad and they don't want to tell me....but he knows.

At this point, I'm angry. I didn't tell him about the situation (he found out from one of the other two) and I didn't ask for his opinion. the other two are not mad, haven't ever felt that it was my responsibility, and haven't ever had a problem telling me when they're pissed about something. I reacted by basically telling him that it was an accident, it wasn't intentional, and he had no business butting into an incident that didn't even remotely involve him. the guy was so disrespectful, it was disgusting. if he could fit it on his license plate, I bet you it would say 'god's gift to sportbiking'. I'm like "dude, look at you?! you're the one who brags about riding 95mph doing a wheelie down the freeway between two other riders and doing 140mph racing some dude and ... not to mention .... bragging about running from the cops. now you have some opinion about how I ride?!? and how I'm somehow a dangerous leader?! Are you kidding me right now?!?!?"

I haven't spoken a single word to him in three days. Am I wrong? I don't feel wrong. Especially after I found out it was true that the guy's been dogging me about the way I ride ever since Paul brought the bike home. He's even told the other two "she don't know how to ride, if you really want to ride, ride with me." I can't deal with someone who walks around like that. I'm amazed that he hasn't even attempted to say something. I guess he really doesn't give two shits about our friendship eh? I mean, I guess if I were in his situation, I would probably step up and say something like "umm, ok so I shouldn't have gotten involved in your business - that was wrong of me....and I shouldn't have talked about you like that, that was wrong of me too." BUT it's not me so I guess I'll just have to wait and see eh?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Babies can wait.....I'm selfish right now.......