Monday, September 29, 2008

I was seriously motivated this weekend until about 5 yesterday. I got up Saturday morning and I cleaned like 80% of the house (as usual), then decided to take the rest of the afternoon to ride. I left the house about 2 with a couple of stops in mind and then after about 100-130 miles or so, I finally pulled up into the driveway around 5:15. It was super nice. Saturday night we just chilled with a couple beers and tv movies.

Sunday Paul achieved a HUMONGO step in his hot rod progress. After several slick attempts, he got the hot rod engine STARTED & RUNNING. I'm so proud. Sooner or later he'll be done and he'll take me for a ride. Then I can pretend I'm cool too! :-)

I cleaned the inside of my truck. It's been like 2 months and it was a feat no less. I did get all the fuzzies out though which proved to be absolutely wonderful this morning. I was so inspired after actually making my truck smell delightfully clean -- I stuck Ruby in her pool and gave her a wash too. She wasn't very excited but at least she's happy now that she's snuggable. .... Speaking of which - have you seen Snuggies?! Paul gave me that "uhh what..?" look when I told him I wanted one. HA! Anyhoo - so for the rest of Sunday we went shopping and then Meijer. I love Meijer...especially the one nearest my house. You get to see the weirdest but yet most interesting people there. Strange or not, seeing a boney lookin, greasy pony tail and otherwise tattered middle aged man, with a slightly overweight girlfriend wearing a very tight animal print crop top unbuttoned from the top and bottom, revealing all but the slightest portion of her bleach white bra behind what looks to be like a single button about to explode under the pressure, and a skirt that very easily be considered to be tween apparel (you know like ages 11-13) ........ makes it a very amusing trip to the grocery store. I mean, greasy guys I get.... but for a grown woman to walk out of the house looking like a stuffed sausage dressed by DEB and bathed in peroxide is beyond me. I just hoped it was a dare.....cause that would not necessarily make it OK but it would be funny. wow.