Monday, November 17, 2008

I wish the rest of the United States could feel how painful it is in Detroit right now. Maybe all of those people who don't feel like helping the US car companies out would understand how serious things are for the people around here. Most people think negatively about the UAW and how much workers get paid and blah-bitty-blah-blah. What most don't know it that it's more than just workers. It's the roofers, carpenters, painters, masons, ironworkers, and the glazers who depend on work from the auto industry. It's the restaurants, bar owners, and the ma & pop shops that depend on the business from the workers and contractors around the plants. It's the land developers and commercial and residential realtors who depend on the people to buy and sell property around the state. All of those people lose when those plants close. The only time I've ever seen a plant out of production, since I was 18 years old (and that's not SO long ago either), was during the summer 2 week shut down. Plants are shut down nightly now. nightly. it's like seeing retailers close their doors at 4pm on Black Friday. It's a huge shock to the system. It's almost devastating to see rows and rows of permanently empty cubes. It's something that lets us all know that this is serious.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I've got this massive headache that just won't go away. I would really like to officially call the day a day......and I just might get the balls to do it.

I hate days like this. Days when I feel like day dreaming instead of actually working. Although I love fantasizing about decorating my house or taking the beast out for a cruise, it only makes the 'burned out' feeling more real. So it's an enigma of both pleasantness and frustration. How stupendous of my brain to treat me with such back-handed emotional wonder.

Blog, you know what else bothers me? Responsibility. I know, we should all be all growed up by now and thus be able to tolerate, or even - dare I say - welcome more responsibility in our lives....blah blah blah blah. Forgive me but sometimes I get really tired of being important. It feels like I'm a slave to customers. Weekend, nightly, daily calls - no problem! ghey. It can feel like I'm strapped to this desk and made to answer emails, phone calls, or salesman visits with a good attitude. Ultra GHEY. Or worse, I can be swamped with work and still be required to run my crewman efficently, effectively and with a low margin of error. MEGA GHEY.

Derp. Derp-a-lerp.