Monday, November 10, 2008

I've got this massive headache that just won't go away. I would really like to officially call the day a day......and I just might get the balls to do it.

I hate days like this. Days when I feel like day dreaming instead of actually working. Although I love fantasizing about decorating my house or taking the beast out for a cruise, it only makes the 'burned out' feeling more real. So it's an enigma of both pleasantness and frustration. How stupendous of my brain to treat me with such back-handed emotional wonder.

Blog, you know what else bothers me? Responsibility. I know, we should all be all growed up by now and thus be able to tolerate, or even - dare I say - welcome more responsibility in our lives....blah blah blah blah. Forgive me but sometimes I get really tired of being important. It feels like I'm a slave to customers. Weekend, nightly, daily calls - no problem! ghey. It can feel like I'm strapped to this desk and made to answer emails, phone calls, or salesman visits with a good attitude. Ultra GHEY. Or worse, I can be swamped with work and still be required to run my crewman efficently, effectively and with a low margin of error. MEGA GHEY.

Derp. Derp-a-lerp.

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