Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I had to practically force myself on the treadmill last night but I'm actually really glad that I did. I am really proud of myself these past few weeks. My head has really been into the weight loss game more than ever before and it's been at least 3 -4 weeks now. I'm totally diggin the renewed ability to jog for 15 solid minutes and NOT watch the clock for every second. The 30 minutes, although still a little painful at times, is beginning to turn into a habit....which is great.

Weight loss thus far: 9lbs. Wanna know a secret? Booze. We cut back our beer intake right after Christmas and not only saved some copper but eliminated a lot of wasted calories. I didn't know how I'd feel about it at first, but now I'm acutally kinda glad we did. I get up faster in the mornings now.......not to say that I want to get up faster, it's just that I can.

Plus, I always remember my dad with a beer or two in his hand after work when I was growing up. I'm not going to judge whether that was the right or wrong thing to do or somehow blame the fact that Paul and I drank a lot because our parents did, but our families were never a symbol of HEALTHY. So I think we're going start over and practice becoming healthier and more green-friendly people before raising children. I hope it works ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Did you know that you can eat a bowl of vegetables, a medium salad with cherry tomatoes & two tablespoons of light ranch dressing, and a small boneless piece of chicken breast with cheese and salsa, for the same calories as one and half pieces of pizza? Did you also know that you can eat a gynormous plate full of celery and two tablespoons of light ranch (for dipping purposes) for less calories than 16 potato chips? 4 weeks and almost 5lbs ago, I did not know that.

So I took this pledge with the website Pound For Pound Challenge because I wanted some additional motivation for losing the weight and getting healthier this year. You have to set a goal/target weight, work your ass off to get to it or beyond, and then log-in in April to report the number of pounds lost. Whatever number you report, their sponsors will donate $.10 for every pound lost to food banks. It's free and there's no major involvement or commitment -- so the work is all up to you. I don't know, it seemed cool. It's gonna hurt like hell to keep dropping the weight but whatever, I want do it. Nothing worth having is ever easy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Monday, January 19, 2009

Paul made bean burgers last night. They turned out to be more like bean mush with lettuce and tomatoes between two pieces of whole wheat bun....but we both ate them and then laughed about why making burgers out of beans was among the worst recipe ideas ever to come from Betty Crocker. Damn it Crocker! YOu let us down!

Tonight we'll probably try the chicken cacciatore. You say 'cacciatore' like "ca-chi-tory" - did you know that? IN NO WAY IS IT SPELLED LIKE THE WAY YOU SAY IT......or as I learned after Paul made fun of my mispronunciation of the stupid dumb idiotic word. :)

speaking of food, you know what I learned this week that's taken me years and years and years to figure out? Oatmeal is good! I have to say that I LOVE oatmeal. I feel like popeye after polishing off a small bowl of oatmeal (I mean, instead of spinach, which is also good, but not out of a can). How great is that? Ahhh gukgukgukgukgukguk! Toot Toot!

I love popeye.