Friday, January 23, 2009

Did you know that you can eat a bowl of vegetables, a medium salad with cherry tomatoes & two tablespoons of light ranch dressing, and a small boneless piece of chicken breast with cheese and salsa, for the same calories as one and half pieces of pizza? Did you also know that you can eat a gynormous plate full of celery and two tablespoons of light ranch (for dipping purposes) for less calories than 16 potato chips? 4 weeks and almost 5lbs ago, I did not know that.

So I took this pledge with the website Pound For Pound Challenge because I wanted some additional motivation for losing the weight and getting healthier this year. You have to set a goal/target weight, work your ass off to get to it or beyond, and then log-in in April to report the number of pounds lost. Whatever number you report, their sponsors will donate $.10 for every pound lost to food banks. It's free and there's no major involvement or commitment -- so the work is all up to you. I don't know, it seemed cool. It's gonna hurt like hell to keep dropping the weight but whatever, I want do it. Nothing worth having is ever easy.

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