Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I had to practically force myself on the treadmill last night but I'm actually really glad that I did. I am really proud of myself these past few weeks. My head has really been into the weight loss game more than ever before and it's been at least 3 -4 weeks now. I'm totally diggin the renewed ability to jog for 15 solid minutes and NOT watch the clock for every second. The 30 minutes, although still a little painful at times, is beginning to turn into a habit....which is great.

Weight loss thus far: 9lbs. Wanna know a secret? Booze. We cut back our beer intake right after Christmas and not only saved some copper but eliminated a lot of wasted calories. I didn't know how I'd feel about it at first, but now I'm acutally kinda glad we did. I get up faster in the mornings now.......not to say that I want to get up faster, it's just that I can.

Plus, I always remember my dad with a beer or two in his hand after work when I was growing up. I'm not going to judge whether that was the right or wrong thing to do or somehow blame the fact that Paul and I drank a lot because our parents did, but our families were never a symbol of HEALTHY. So I think we're going start over and practice becoming healthier and more green-friendly people before raising children. I hope it works ;)

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