Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wednesday check in. Well, I'm still holding at 13lbs. There's a reason for it holding for about a week or so -- and it's not because of overeating or no exercise. It'll start back up again next week, it's cool. I'm confident.

I'm still training on the treadmill. I'm running for just under 20 minutes now (about 4 songs as I like to say) and I'm so proud. I think I'm going to set a goal for 22 minutes (minimum & consistent) by the end of march. I think I can do it. Paul's really getting into this too. He's got a bad back so he walks as fast as he can 2-3 nights a week. He's beginning to like it which kills me sometimes cause since he's created this routine - he's like "oops there goes 20 lbs!" URG. Eh, it's cool. I'm happy he's happy. ***jealous*** Anyway, I wasn't really into the idea of spending all this money on hand weights and benches and whatnot but he's starting to turn me around on that. He convinced me to start with buying hand weights for walking which we can both share. I don't know exactly how I feel about it, I mean I like the idea but it reminds me of a time back when I had the Bally's membership......

We didn't have Ruby so I'd go and work out for two hours after work 2-3 days a week at the Bally's around the corner. I wanted to focus on cardio but more so on lifting because I was spending more time in the field and I needed the upper body strength. Yeah.... so I started with pressing 45lbs for 2-3 sets of 10 -- and in 4 months, I'd gotten up to over 100lbs. I saw results alright. I put on a dress, stood in front of the mirror, and turned around. My shoulders and upper arms were huge. I mean, not that much definition but when the sleeves on your polo starts to get a little tighter and you blame it on the dryer -- you're in denial. Needless to say I switched dresses and put on a cardigan. I wasn't ashamed or anything, it was just a little more manly than I was prepared for. Who the hell expects that to happen in only four months??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Check in Wednesday. Weight loss so far : 13lbs. I was thinking about skipping the check in this morning because I've almost plateau'ed over the last few days BUT it's actually better that I talk about it. From last Thurs to last night, I've picked up an additional 5-10 minutes on my run and then used the 9mph-30 second sprints for extra stress release. Sprints were especially satisfying last night after a long, frustrating day. I didn't eat enough yesterday though - I fell 200 calories short of my daily goal. That's not good. As busy as I was, I should've maybe stopped to somewhere for an apple or banana or something else worth filling up on.

It's sucky to see that number stay the same after a couple good days of good food and exercise but it's alright. I'll take it. It's a minor bump in the road. I just have to remember to keep my calories up and keep making progress on the workout. .... btw, I can't believe that I actually ran for a solid 20 minutes the other day. I cannot believe it. It's been SO long since I've been able to do that and enjoy it. I'm actually more excited to say that then anything else this week.

I talked to this guy the other day, about his wife and the diets she's tried over the years. He mentioned something that I thought rings true with a lot of women who diet. He said that his wife would love to get down to the weight she was in high school - so much so that it's her ultimate goal. You know, for a long time, that was my goal too......but I can't say that it's a realistic goal anymore.

When I graduated, and I say this with some very uncomfortable humility but yet little regret, I was at least 30 lbs lighter. Would I like to lose it? HELL YEAH! BUT the one thing I have to remember is that back then, I played sports 11 months out the year and I was 18. So I have to ask myself, am I willing to go back to sports and non-stop work outs and leave little time for anything else? ....... well, no, not really. So what do I do? I have to be happy with who I am.

The point is blog, if you're happy with who you are, the number on a scale is just a stupid number on a scale. Exercising and eating well just gives you more time to be happy. I hope that I can drop a few more pounds but I gotta tell you, I feel great right now. I feel stronger. I feel like I breathe, walk, and concentrate better. I like this. I feel like I should've done this a long time ago.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Check in day. Weight loss so far: 11lbs. I don't really even want to say that this is a diet cause it doesn't feel like one. I mean believe me blog, when people say it's a lifestyle change, it most certainly is BUT it's.......dare I say it........not very hard. Mix a little willpower in with a little motivation and discipline and BAM! Heathly lifestyle.

There's no special tricks. There's no starving myself. There's no super 9 hour workouts. I just eat better and jog 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I will not allow myself to go nuts and think that I need to turn into this new person who runs 17 miles a day and eats only salads and no carbs or red meat.....uh uh nope, not for me. I try to be honest. I know me - I've had five years of daily routines that I'd have very little success changing if I try to do it all at once. So I'm doing it a little at a time.

Here's a typical day with the jog:
7am : coffee and a banana (120 calories)
11:30am : 6" Subway samich on wheat or honey oat with apples and a diet vernors or water (350 calories)
2pm-5pm: water, water, water....
5pm : an apple and maybe some grapes (95 calories) Sometimes I'll go with carrots or celery with 2 tbsp of peanut butter or light ranch on the side
7pm : Wicked white hot chili, 2 cups or so, and crackers with a diet green tea (about 600 calories or so)
Other days, I eat things like honey mustard pork chops (4-6oz) with italian mixed vegetables or a turkey burger with a small house salad and light dressing.

Total = about 1200 - sometimes a hundred less, sometimes a hundred more, depends on whether I have time to eat my oatmeal in the morning. :)

When I work out, I do 30 minutes 3 times a week on the treadmill in addition to walking the dog for a good half mile to a mile every day. I tell myself that I need to jog at at least 5 mph for a minimum of 10 minutes of the 30 on the tm. If I do more, awesome - if I'm exhausted, I'll do my 10 and speed walk the rest. I'm not picky. I know eventually I'll increase the jog time and the total time overall but for now, I'm gonna do what I feel like doing.

I guess whether I keep losing weight or not, I don't really care. I know I'm not as anxious or stressed as I was before so that's really become my main goal. If the weight falls off or plateaus, so be it. I just don't want to have another nervous breakdown before my forties. :)