Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Did I tell you that I'm down 18lbs so far now? Yeah, it's pretty awesome. I wish I could shed a little more but it's been a crazy over the last two weeks.

St. Patty's weekend was a blast! I stayed as close to the diet as I could but it's a little hard when you have an all day drinking extravaganza planned. I was proud of myself for not giving in too much, even though it was nice to splurge a little.

Training was crazy last week too. Two wonderful days of non-stop, cram-it-into-the-brain information, all the way up in Saginaw, from 8am-5pm. Despite the length of program, it was, in fact, a really super good experience. I HATE it when people order lunches for everybody though. It's always pizza or greasy take out. I used to love pizza but it kills now because I can only eat one piece in order to stick within my alotted calories (not to mention saturated fats). And then take out, now that is almost worse because you get this small wrap samich, surrounded by potato chips. You obviously eat the samich but it's just not enough, you need a little more.......then the chips scream out "eat me!" - but it doesn't make you full because they're just made out of corn oil, potatoes, and salt, none of which give you any energy or nutritional value at ALL ............so you're just flaboozled into eating crap. Then it's hard to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon.

I gotta get myself back on track!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I made it! **this is where balloons come down from the ceiling and party horns sound, etc etc** I pledged to lose 15lbs. on the Pound for Pound challenge and I did it! I can't believe it!

Right after Christmas, Paul and I talked about changing our lifestyle for the better and that we should participate in something like the PfPc. I can't believe that it worked though.....like it actually worked. That's insane! After all of those times when we said we wanted to lose weight and then failed miserably after 6 beers and three slices of meat lovers pizza with extra cheese. I just can't believe it.