Thursday, April 30, 2009

Total pounds lost on the P&J Exchange Program = 23lbs.

Workout Improvements:
I'm on a full on 20-25 minute jog on the treadmill with a good five minute power walk (warm up) at 3.8mph and a 5 minute cool down at 3.0 - 2.7. However, I started a new routine just last week that increases the overall workout time and is actually helping me push for a longer run times. When I first started, I gave myself a goal for the length of time I should stay at the jogging pace. It went from 10 to 15, and then 15 to 20 minutes (this was over a couple of months of course). If I couldn't push myself to get to the minimum, I would sprint at least 3 times at 8.5 for 30 seconds before the end of the workout. Now - my new thing - I add those sprints in there whether I complete or not complete the minimum jog time. Surprisingly enough, I've seen my jog times increase without even trying.

We also add some hand weights to the mix. I'm not really all that great when it comes to the exercises you should or should not do with free weights so I'll have to be that guy/girl who needs to print out directions on how to use free weights :-) Oh well!

I haven't changed this much. Although I have flipped from Diet Cokes at home to Pomegranate juice and skim milk so I guess I have changed just a tad. I keep reading that some 'fake' sugars (aspartame?) are supposedly extremely bad for you and the caffeine is keeping me up at night. So after months of denial - I finally switched. I'm not really a milk drinker but it seems to be both adding to my fullness during meals and I sleep just a wee bit better. Nice huh?

Well, I'm down to about a half pound a week. I'd love to be losing more but I feel so good right now, I wouldn't change anything at all. I can handle the exercise and I LOVE, LoVe, lOVe food so I'm gonna stick with it. According to my height, I'm only about 15lbs away from my normal recommended weight. Isn't that insane?! I feel weird saying that. 15lbs. Like I was 38lbs overweight just 5 months ago. That's strange.

Well, I hope I get there eventually. It would be super nice to actually feel good in a bathing suit. It's only been like .....oh man ..... this is gonna sound bad but ....... wow, like 9 years, maybe? Holy schnikes it's been a while.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I had an embarrassing moment over easter. I bought a few shirts at this store last week, thinking that they'd go really really well with a pair of white slacks that I had at home. On Easter morning, after jumping out of the shower, I go to put on my outfit and oooohhh pants don't fit anymore. My husband cheers a little while I show him the gap between my waist and the outside of the pant line but quickly stops when he sees the disappointment in my face. He curiously asks "What is wrong with you?!"

My response, "CRAP. The whole reason I bought this shirt was for these pants. CRAP. Now I have to go buy new pants." He looks at me like I'm crazy.

Seriously, I did not account for buying new clothes. I almost considered throwing half my clothes into the dryer for 11 hours just so I don't have to throw or give them away. I hate having a lot of clothes --- I know that sounds weird --- but I can't stand looking at something I know I hardly ever wear but can't seem to give away.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

So it's really funny when people are like "um whoa, ummmm {{pssssst}} so jackie, umm, so did you like, umm, lose weight, errrr?" It's like some people are really cautious about what they say when it comes to weight, even when you lose it. I suppose it's only the right thing to do considering how mortifying it would be if someone asked if someone else gained a lot of weight. SO I guess maybe it's a good thing people are nervous about the weight subject either way. So blog, I've decided to save you from the weird, awkward question, and just tell you what's happening flat out. I've lost a lot of weight.

When I got married back in '04, I was actually at my heaviest. Over the years, I've attempted to work out and eat healthier (and so on) and I did lose a few pounds here and there. I would say I lost about 10-12lbs over about 3-4 years while cutting a little bit of fatty or starchy foods and VERY little booze out of my diet. After a year long battle to rid myself of the a really nasty habit, I finally generated enough motivation to convince myself to live better. So on Jan 1st, 2009, I made a promise to commit to getting healthy for me and my family.

Since Jan 1st, I've lost 20lbs. Since my wedding in 2004, I've lost 32lbs. I LOVE the food I eat now - like sweet potatoe risotto or turkey burgers or beef pitas or rosmary mushroom soup - I love it so much that I would never, ever, ever go back to the standard staple like fetticine alfredo or chicken with green been casserole with one of two stout beers..........well at least not every day. :) and I LOVE that feeling after I run by behind off on the treadmill. You know, that "come on! 30 seconds! GO GO GO! YOU GOT IT!" feeling.

Quite honestly blog, I had no idea what I was missing. I really wish they had a nutrition class in college or high school. It took me so long --- so frickin long --- to do this. It took me 3 years to put on 45lbs and 5 years to lose 32. How sucky is that?!

AH well, you know what the key is? Committment and honesty. Being honest about what you are, where you really want to be, and committing to getting there safely. That is the key. Hey, I'm never gonna be a size 2 and that's cool. I'd just like my clothes to fit properly and I'd like to get rid of a sore back and maybe some heart burn while I'm at it.

Catch ya on the flip side-