Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Oh man have I made some training progress! The other day, I finished 48 minutes at just under 5.0 non-stop. Sweet Corn!......that is a HUGE achievement for me. Last night, I don't know where I pulled out the energy to get 3.7 miles done but it's done. What the hell is going on?! I hate running. Yes, I seriously hate running but I'm trying to learn to like it. Ha! I know that sounds stupid but my desire to accomplish something as big as a half-marathon is greater than my hatred for I deal.

Now on to the weight loss. I'm down 27lbs. from when I started in January. The half pound a week stopped when I left for our 'out of town' project for 4 weeks. I had to stop running because of the constant travel every two to three days. It just got to be way too hard to keep up that exercise schedule when you drive 700 miles a week. So over that period of time, I neither gained nor lost any weight. Which is good I guess.

When I started on this training schedule back on the 15th of June, I had a really rough start. I only did about 8 miles for that week and then about 8 miles for the following week. Last week is when I really kicked her up a notch by going 16 miles total. Of course, this week - I'm not even gonna get close because of Bliss. .... sucky.... BUT it's ok, I still have 15 more weeks of pain.

Surprisingly enough, I have not lost any additional weight yet, even though I'm on a more aggressive running schedule than before. My appetite has gone berserk though. I want food. My stomach can handle about half of the food I want. I'm not talking like crappy food like BK or Mickey Ds but really good food like chicken with Kale or steak & summer squash or chicken zucchini stir fry. It's crazy! If I have nothing but restaurant food to choose from - like if I'm driving somewhere - I'm so picky to the point where I will nearly throw up my hands and go without if I have to. .... BUT if there's good fresh food ready to be picked right off the grill or out of the oven, gimme gimme gimme. I'm like the cookie monster!